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Temporary Cycle Lanes

We have received many emails about the temporary cycle lanes in the High Street, nearly all have been strongly against them. A summary of the majority of views is as follows

· Traffic Congestion. There are huge tailbacks in traffic at either end of the High Street leading to severely delayed journeys, whether by car or bus. People have reported missed appointments and late arrivals at schools as well as hundreds of wasted person hours.

· Rat Running. Understandably, frustrated drivers are trying to find ways round the congestion, resulting in traffic jams in Allen Street, Scarsdale Villas, Abingdon Road and other local residential streets

· Air Quality and Pollution. There are issues of air quality arising from stationary traffic waiting to get through the High Street area. This is counterproductive to RBKC's mission to improve air quality and reach zero carbon.

· Safety. The lanes do not improve safety for cyclists or pedestrians. There is an issue with traffic trying to enter the High Street from side roads being unable to see cyclists. Some cyclists are ignoring red lights. The many construction sites are making the situation much worse because of their large advertising hoardings, delivery lorries and parked vans and materials. Emergency and police vehicles are often unable to get through.

· Road Space. The amount of road space taken up by the cycle lanes is disproportionate. The number of cyclists using the lanes is extremely low, whereas the volume of vehicular traffic has risen to normal or above normal levels. A single lane for all cars, buses, lorries, and vans is not workable in a busy high street which is also a through route and public transport corridor.

Many of those who have written in have said that they are cyclists themselves and are not anti-cyclist, but the scheme simply does not work. One lone voice felt that the scheme should be supported, and people should accept that we must reduce car use.

Please share your views with us. We have been invited by RBKC to take part in a feedback meeting in the near future.


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