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Mansion Block Group

The ESSA Mansion Blocks Group are a growing group of over 25 Mansion Blocks & residential estates within and around the RBKC's Edwardes Square Scarsdale Abingdon Conservation area. Our members share their individual knowledge and common interests of estate management. We represent a group of buildings from the 1800s to modern blocks.

Our representatives aim to meet twice a year and focus our meetings of specific subjects relevant to our group needs. There are a variety of subjects, including estate management, legal problems, major works projects, environmental issues, security, block improvements, parking, staff issues, architecture, history, local planning matters and much more. This also gives us a chance to meet representatives from other estates in the area. We learn from each other how to tackle challenges and share best practices.

As part of the ESSA group, which covers residential & business members in RBKC we contribute towards conservation, planning, licensing and the streets in our area.

With so many changes, planning rules and developments in our area, membership of ESSA Mansion Blocks Group has a collective, strong voice in our community.


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