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Conservation Area Appraisal

The ESSA area remains one of the few Conservation Area in the Borough which has not yet had its Conservation Area Appraisal carried out and adopted. This is to replace the Conservation Area Policy Statement which dates back to 1981.

We carried out its own appraisal in 2015 and updated it in 2018.This proposed several adjustments to the Conservation Area boundaries as you can see on the plan. These included adding the art deco mansion blocks in the south, Cheniston Gardens to the east and smaller pockets of land adjoining the High Street. The council’s officers have now commenced their review work and we had a very positive first stakeholder meeting in October.

We were pleased that the work we had carried out in 2015 was well received by the officers who felt it would form a strong foundation for their own appraisal. We hope that subject to the necessary consultations, we will see the new CAA and boundary changes adopted by the end of next year.

If you have views on the proposed extension of the Conservation Area or any other issues relating to the appraisal do contact us at

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