Alternative Cycle Scheme option 3 will be researched.

The RBKC Leadership Team met on 17th March 2021. After a 72 second silence, to remember those who lost their lives in the Grenfell tragedy, the meeting commenced. The first item was KENSINGTON HIGH STREET TEMPORARY CYCLE LANE SCHEME Key Decision ref: KD05852

After a good debate taking in all the thousands of representations received by councillors, the vote was in favour of the Cycle Lanes to be addressed as described in Option 3:

"Do not install temporary cycle lanes but consider an alternative scheme in the longer term – Do not install temporary cycle lanes but develop plans to commission research into transport patterns in the post-Covid world. The research could begin in the summer and lead to a feasibility study. A table containing a high-level summary of some suggestions that have been put the Council and could be considered further is in Appendix A."


 This year we are celebrating 50 years of supporting our local built environment and amenities, 1971-2021.

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