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NCIL applications to improve the local environment are supported by ESSA

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ESSA has supported a number of NCIL applications after a call for projects for Round 2 of Neighbourhood CIL was launched by the Council in February with a closing date of 4th April. Projects needed to address one or more of the Council’s priority areas including streetscape and community safety. With the support of Councillor James Husband, a greening application has been approved and we have supported another application to repair an arch at Lexham Mews.


At the moment RBKC (& TfL) are to look into if any more trees can be planted along Pembroke Road. If not, and if there is space  planter troughs may be installed that will also off set traffic fumes (especially along Red Route areas). They will also look at Cromwell Crescent & Warwick Gardens.


We also asked for a planting trough just by the entrance to St Barnabas School, off Earl's Court Road. There is consideration for a speed reminder unit (not enforcement) on Warwick Gardens. The corner of Warwick Gardens & Pembroke Road could be enhanced as well and we arehoping to see about 15 new trees, some planting containers and other greening measures in the months ahead, watch this space.

The residents of Lexham Mews also decided to apply for funding to address the streetscape as The Lexham Mews arch, re-built in 2006 after it was demolished by a lorry, and is now badly in need of repair.


Over time the brickwork has been damaged by over-height vehicles. The arch is also showing signs of water ingress causing unsightly staining and efflorescence.

There is currently no height warning associated with the arch so the idea occurred that a sign could be freely suspended from the arch at a height just above the maximum vehicle height, together with a warning triangle on the wall.

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The second part of the project would be to reinforce the one-way traffic system implemented in December 2020 under an Experimental Traffic Order.


Drivers regularly miss (or ignore) the No Entry sign at the Radley Mews junction because of the height of the sign and the direction of approach.


The proposal is to install a substantial wooden planter at the junction with a clearly visible sign at low level. This would incorporate a tree and other planting thereby enhancing streetscape as well as improving safety.

Should these measures still not deter miscreant drivers, a camera installation has been included as part of the application.

Whilst this is a neighbourhood initiative on the part of the residents, it is supported by ESSA as contributing more widely to the safety and attractiveness of the area.

Ultimately, the decision will be made by the Council as to which projects go forward and the support of the ward councillors will be an important factor.


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