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Edwardes Square, Scarsdale and Abingdon Conservation Area

ESSA is the conservation association for the Edwardes Square, Scarsdale and Abingdon Conservation Area in Abingdon Ward,  Kensington, W8. Do you enjoy living or working in or around the ESSA Conservation Area but:

Worried about:

  • Extensions or transformations of buildings next to you
  • Large scale property developments for residential and commercial use
  • Traffic and general congestion
  • Loss of trees, gardens and greenery
  • Pollution including air, light and noise
  • Changes of licenses for local businesses
  • Enforcement of planning rules and regulations
  • Undesirable transformations of the urban landscape

Confused about:

  • Current planning rules and processes
  • Changes to the planning rules, regulations and processes
  • Who does what in planning and conservation


  • We comment on planning applications
  • We evaluate planning applications in terms of costs and benefits to the local community
  • We monitor the enforcement of planning rules and regulations
  • We evaluate the environmental impact of proposed changes to the
  • local urban environment
  • We lobby central, regional and local government on planning and
  • conservation matters
  • We keep you informed on local and national planning developments

Kensington has many magnificent mansion blocks,
some over a century old, which make a significant
contribution to the character of the area. Equally,
many new blocks of flats are being built inwisterial earls walk
developments in areas such as Warwick Roa

and the Commonwealth Istitute and we feel it is
important that this existing and growing area has
a forum in which to discuss issues specific to living
Abingdon Ward RBKC courtesy of RBKC in such homes.
We have regular meetings at which we not
only discuss planning and conservation issues but
also practical issues relating to the management
of the blocks. This allows us to compare notes on
suppliers, contractors, works programmes, service
charges and other areas of common interest an

the network we have now built up amongst our
twelve (and growing) member base allows us to
have access to a wealth of experience that can
help make the correct and most cost effectiveScreen Shot 2016-06-02 at 13.37.35
decisions on any number of issues that these
buildings face.
The ESSA Mansion Block Group is grateful for
the support of the Group’s members and would
be happy to welcome other blocks, whether
inside or outside our immediate area, who share
our interests. Contact committee member Julian Childs on


ESSA has recently launched a new initiative to attract the support of Business Members. We are doing this since we feel local businesses can help to raise awareness of ESSA and inform us of any concerns affecting our neighbourhood, especially from a business perspective. They will also help ESSA’s finances since Business Membership will cost £100 a year. In return ESSA is offering Business Members advertising space once a year in our Newsletter, a proposed link to our website, opportunities to write about how their businesses fit within the local community and an informed link to RBKC policies. We are hoping to attract a total of around 20 Business Members. We give a warm welcome to those Businesses which have signed up already and whose advertisements are in our newsletters, which you will find in the Newsletter Page.